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Not my day - curb scraped new front tire-cause for concern? or keep an eye on it?

Today is not my day managed to scrape scuff call it what you like my outer tire wall up fron't, included below are scuff mark photos, scrapes are on the upper end of the tirewall & circled in yellow.If you run fingers over surface of area or sidewall can feel a slight indent of about 1mm compared to the adjoining areas but cant feel anything odd (steel wires or threads) apart from the area being a bit rougher, the pics of 2 tires with no rim are examples of exact tires i have & area of scraping again is in idea how i managed to scrape 2 different spots? I'd say total area of scuff marks are 1 to 1.5 sqaure inch each max

I am in deep doodah? or can I carry on driving & just monitor spots to see if threads eventually get exposed and take it from there?, not sure how much of the tires structural integrity is provided by the layer of rubber on the sidewalls?but appreciate it is there to keep the steel bands inside free from moisture too.

Just curious can I apply anything to the sidewalls....that wont 'eat' and cause breakdown and dreaded dry rot due to ozone and sunlight?silicon is a no no, tire dressings again been told no....thanks for any feedback
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