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Originally Posted by LVR View Post
I went down the bolt on supercharger route many years ago as a lad with a local Holden (same as your 2005 Pontiac GTO) with the 5.7 Ls1... un-driveable with axle tramp getting it off the line, octane issues with the local fuel etc meant I eventually sold both the blower and the car...

That said I just want a 'little' bit more out of the 4.8is... It's always lovely to give it the heavy right and squirt out of a corner/overtake and surprise the hell out of others...

Speaking of which.... does anyone know anything about a Dinan 'stroker' kit supposedly around some time ago?
I have been a Dinan fan since 2002. I don't recall a stroker kit. I do recall that 10 or more years ago you could purchase a S65 stroker motor but I don't remember anything for an X5. If I remember correctly it had to be installed at the factory or by a qualified Dinan shop. The cost of just the S65 engine was around $25,000.
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