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Originally Posted by bcredliner View Post
Nitrous is technically a form of boost. I have it triggered by wide open throttle. When matted you get all 150 even from the launch. There is no boost to build. It is an instant power adder at its full potential. The only reason there can be a loss of boost is if the tank pressure is too low. I have two bottle openers so I can use one tank or the other or both and a bottle heater I can switch on to build pressure. I have never lost pressure. I have pressure gauges on each tank and in the console to verify pressure at the tanks and at the nozzle.

Clarification: My personal downside is I have to remember to push a button when I start it up and close it when I get back. I started with one 10lb bottle. It was a downside until I purchased 3 15 lb tanks and put two in place so I don't have to fill them that often and don't get low on the road. I always have a spare full bottle. FYI- I still have some anxiety just before I use it. I knew just enough to be dangerous when I started. The tanks also take up considerable space in the rear so that would be a downside if I cared.

When I went to nitrous years ago I costed out twin rear turbos and a supercharger. I got much more HP and TQ for far less expense with nitrous and Meth and a much easier install. I love the sound of superchargers If there was a supercharger kit based on the Dinan design for around 5 grand I'd have it and then go to a 2 stage nitrous shot of maybe 100 and a 25 or 50 second danger zone shot.

IMO, turbos and superchargers are not a hands down decision on our X5s based on a value equation of cost divided by HP/TW gains. X5s are heavy so I focused on increasing low end torque as much as possible from standing start. As you know torque gets you going, horsepower keeps you going.

I don't mean to sound like I am promoting nitrous. This is just what I learned along the way. If we were talking about newer BMWs that start from a higher HP/TQ baseline and you can upgrade the turbo system with custom kits that generate huge gains or just add a tune, I agree. I purchased a $1,000 tune that requires no other mods to our X5M that generates an additional 150HP and 198 on the torque side. Takes it over 700HP. That's a great value.
That definitely is a great value.. holy hell..

Im not well versed nitrous but to me its just not on tap like it would be a SC or TC... Forced induction is forever, per say, one lives off of the crank and the other off of exhaust. More pedal, more boost, less pedal less boost but its always there..

I don't keep up with the N20 world so my question is, does that methodology exist to where you can control the shot via the pedal with acceleration or deceleration or is it just a one blast and go deal..
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