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Originally Posted by tmat1977 View Post
what steps do i take i tried everything i think.

previous post some said flying leads go into the factory harness not the eonon harness but i have non of the colors asssociated with that on the factory harness..
I should let someone who has actually done this answer your question but but what the heck...

Firstly, lets confirm you have wired the iBus adapter correctly. If not, it won't work - or can be destroyed.

On the iBus adapter, you'll have four wires but you only need to hook up three.

Red - +12v (connects to green wire on the BMW harness)
Brown - Ground (connects to black wire on the BMW harness)
White - iBus data (connects to yellow wire on the BMW harness)

Here's is the Resler installation PDF - it covers off the installation better than I can.
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