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Help with transmission code

The transmission finally went out on my 03 4.4. I purchased a known good used transmission that ZF remanufactured less then 20k miles ago. I bought a brand new torque converter, all new seals, gaskets, filter and all new fluid. After putting the transmission in everything was working as it should however a Check engine light came on an I attempted to read with my cheap code reader, it would not bring anything up. I hooked the car up to my diagnostic laptop with INPA on it and checked what codes were active. It came up with a "torque converter clutch excessive slip" I didn't delete the code and drove it around a bit more and attempted to pull the code again with my cheap reader, it came up with the code "torque converter clutch or performance stuck off". Im wondering if anyone might be able to help me determine what could cause this. Like I said before, it was a brand new torque converter, could it be a solenoid? I have a foxwell scanner now and it will read live data. The car seems to drive fine, and if I just drive it normally it will take a couple hours for the check engine light to come on, if I get on it, the light will come on almost instantly. Im wondering if the valve body may be having an issue. Any help would be appreciated. I have tried looking through the posts to find any info, but it seems to be across the board.

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