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Originally Posted by SlickGT1 View Post
Wow that was quick. Ty.

Do you have the part number for the keepers? I know myself, and I know I should buy about 20 spares. lol

Hows the SAV running after the big surgery?

Oh and the tool. Care to sell me yours?

Keepers are - 11341461405

And oh man am I super happy with the end result! - NO MORE SMOKE - want to watch netflix with the ac running at lunch, go ahead! Want to let it idle while you make eggs on the intake, go ahead! Feel like pissing everyone off behind you by sitting through two red light cycles, go ahead!


I absolutely love it - but wait - there's more!

As a side affect of replacing everything I remedied all of my oil leaks as well!! Whoot - Whoot!!

Tool unfortunately wasn't mine, I was able to borrow it from a fellow enthusiast myself, I'm actually packing things up now to ship back. That said, I would start a thread "Looking for AGA Tool" and see what pops up.
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