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Potential new owner, a few questions...

Hi all, I've got my eye on a particular pre facelift 4.4i E53. From my research so far, the things that I need to worry about when checking it over are the usual engine/headgasket checks, make sure the gearbox is working OK and the rear air suspension?

I'd like to find out where the temp needle should sit when the car is fully up to running temp? Also, Is there toe adjustment on the rear as the new MOT on the car says: Rear wheels at a slight angle but no movement in any suspension components.

Can the rear toe be adjusted on these or is this a sign of some kind of accident damage? Other than that it all seems quite decent for the a relatively small amount of money. I can do most things myself and expect the usual BMW stuff like new thermostats being needed, a service, that sort of thing.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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