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Solenoid issues with the 5HP24 are certainly much rarer than with the 6HP26, but they arenít unheard of. The torque converter lock-up clutch hydraulic circuit is quite simple, with only two valves responsible for its operation, both housed in the lower front valve block

(The highlighted damper is for the EDS4 solenoid which controls the clutch. All the proportional solenoids have a damper to prevent overshoot/oscillation)

The only seals which could give rise to issues with the LUC are the two scarf-jointed ones on the input shaft

The other possibility is a problem within the torque converter itself, but you would hope this was unlikely if itís relatively new

By far the best way of diagnosing LUC issues (without going to the expense of throwing new parts at it) is by using diagnostics to determine if the LUC solenoid signal corresponds with the speed ratio across the clutch

Does your diagnostic tool have the capability of simultaneously recording the engine and input speed signals together with the EDS4 current, at a reasonable capture rate (>1Hz)?

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