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Clearly the biggest difference between the 740i and the E53 versions of the 5HP24 is the fact that the former is RWD and the latter 4WD. This is achieved by replacing the back end of the RWD variant with an adaptor plate and intermediate shaft so that it couples to the New Venture Gear NV125 transfer case.

The transmission maincase is also different because the selector lever and inhibitor switch are both mounted on the left-hand side for the RWD versions whereas the X5 has the selector lever on the LHS of the casing but the inhibitor switch is mounted on the opposite side. The torque converter is also different, so converting a 740i transmission to fit the X5 is not a practical proposition.

The difference between the RWD versions with the Ďsportí final drive ratio is only the torque converter. None of the transmission internals are changed e.g. 016 (TB) vs 018 (SH) or the 021 (TE) vs 022 (TF).

Clearly the 3.5 litre transmission models have many differences due to their lower torque capacity (fewer clutch plates in the D & E clutches, etc.) so are incompatible with the 4.4 litre versions.

In summary, you have to replace your 029 (UP) transmission with another 029 (UP) transmission. Clearly, the later the transmission, the more of the development fixes/improvements that took place over the transmissionís production life will be included.

And donít think a 034 (UK) 4.6iS E53 transmission is suitable for a 4.4i either, because there are a number of important differences there, too

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