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Thanks - And Rain Sensors...

Thanks for the replies so far @EODguy and @Zulu95.

I shop ECS Tuning and have browsed FCP euro for the A4. New parts are easy enough to find.

I already found Pelican Parts and, but looking for community knowledge that comes from trends (like the Audi B7 A4 HPFP camshaft issue that I had to deal with). Means hours of reading and browsing forums. I have the Bentley manual for the A4 and really don't like it. Better info off of AllDataDIY. I suspect the Bentley manual will be similar for the X5.

Another thing. Lot's of rain yesterday. When turning on the intermittent wiper, I get a couple of wipes, but that's it. Wipers don't do anything after that until I manually wipe or put it into slow wipe.

Turning the dial on the stalk to adjust sensitivity does nothing.

Guessing a new/used sensor is in order. Or maybe not - there must be a way to test. I see there is an "Initialize Rain Sensor" process, but requires BMW software. Or perhaps the Barvarian? Being Montana, I'm guessing the windshield was replaced at some point. Lots of rock in the gravel they put down on dirt roads and use in the winter. The current windshield is cracked anyway.

I guess this is going to be my running list of things I find and how I address them.


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