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Intro - New owner of E53 with a bunch of little issues.

The hitch hold bar can be found on eBay. I lost one of mine and was about to buy a replacement when I found it. It's a key help in moving the 75# tire in and out.

Odoban is your friend: kills almost any kind of bug/germ. Also look into the procedure for cleaning the evaporator. It involves drilling some holes to get access to the evaporator from the engine bay and spraying through the holes.

Key is only made by one place in USA. You can get a key blank cut that will open the door and remote fob but it won't start the car. Expect to spend about $200 on a replacement key. You need the title and a driver's license to order one.

You referred to removing the hub you really just meant rotor. The hub is permanently pressed into the bearing and removal means bearing replacement.

The rear rotors are also the drum for the parking brake. They will usually be worn in to the point you need to loosen the adjustment before the rotor can come off. You probably have a broken cable if there is no function.

There is a reset/learn procedure for the rain sensing wipers. Search for the procedure online. If the windshield was replaced and no sensor or sensor not working the sensor wipers won't work properly.

If the sensor is missing and you go through the reset procedure you should end up with intermittent wipers which is better than constant or nothing.
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