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Had some SAR training night. Then visited a friend in the hospital last night and tonight. So didn't get any more teardown done.

Seems the Bavarian Technic software offers less than the Schwaben scan tool (a repackaged Foxwell).

BMW and Mini Cooper Model Feature Matrix for the Bavarian Technic Diagnostic tool

Reading a little, sounds like the window regulators are a common failure point. Will be pulling a door apart to see what they look like. I don't mind fabricating up a mod to make things work better, otherwise, dropping cash on 2 window regulators.

I've read about this VANOS - Variable Valve Timing - there is a common issue here of some sort? I'm not sure which version this 6cyl has but i\I suppose I'll figure it out.

DannyPIV in bimmerforums wrote that the E53 bushings are a problem. Which bushings might those be?

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