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[Solved] N62: CEF/Limp Problem after replacing Crankshaft sensor and Fuelpump


Short story: A month ago i experianced a failure of my car (BMW X5 E53 4.4i / N62). The symptoms where hard starting, suddenly dies and will not take revs.
We replaced the crankshaft sensor as the readings from diagnotics told us that the sensor was failed/not reading.
That didnt solve the problem, and we found out it was a defect fuel pump.
The pump did actually work but not under pressure, then it stopped.
It was changed and the car ran perfectly. Atleast for a short while 5mins or so, then it failed with a CEF/Limp mode.

The error codes was now:
P0021 "A" Camshaft Position - Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance (Bank 2)
P0300 Random Misfire Detected Code

And they keep returning after some time, after Clearing. Especialy if you give it alot trottle then it comes on right away, properly because the timing will advance there alot.

Now I have got my hands on a INPA diagnotic tester to try to diagnose a little futher and it shows that the Camshaft adaptions is out.

Furthermore we now see the following errors as well:
2820 CDKDISA - Fehler DISA
2821 CDKDISAT - DISA Temperaturwarnschwelle Motorschutzmodell

Is it posible to reset the Camshaft adaptions, as when i try Reset all adaptions it fails for the DME9.2 and there does not seem to be any individual reset for the camshaft as for eg. O2 or so.

Any suggestings what could be the problem here?

Best Regards

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