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The 3.0L I6 E53 uses the GM tranny. It was suggested in the discussion I mentioned that the power/weight of the E53 was right at the top end of what the tranny was built to handle. I believe Dinan worked the software to remove the "soft shift" to help with the extra power. No expert just a simple parrot repeating (from old memory) what other "experts" said FWIW.
I tend to go with the "there is no replacement for displacement" adage.

As a quick aside: When BMW decided to win F1 they selected old BMW 1502 engine blocks from used scrappers, tested them, rebored etc as necessary and used them with a blower to enter and win the F1 driver's & manufacturer's championship in something like 360 days. That was back in the late 70's or early 80's. So there is no doubt they have had good engineers at some time.
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