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Originally Posted by EODguy View Post
Come on, you know you're not really wanting to get rid of yours are you?

Although it would keep Andrew's yin & yang color collection in order [emoji848][emoji1787]

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You know, it is essentially a toy now. Like that 3rd car, that sounds amazing, pulls like a raging bull, and looks 20 years younger than some new shit out there.

It was supper funny the other day. I went to visit friends for a big BBQ. All the people in the party, pull up in some sort of Asian/Jap model of a car. All of their fam and friends. Maybe 20 or so cars in driveway and street. Not one car there was German. Wife came out and said to me, you know, I don't want to sound like a car snob at all, but none of the new cars parked here look as stunning as the 15 year old X5. Yup, i agree.

I want a new x5m so bad. I don't drive it enough though. Can't justify dropping $1k a month for something that gets 4k miles a year max.
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