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AWR-fiz: 20 pin under hood OBD tweak

I've been wanting to do this for over two years and finally figured out exactly how and for the very few that it will help you most definitely want to copy me.

If you have a 1999-2000.5 model X5, you will have the old school 20 pin round obd port under the hood.

With this system you will ALSO have a 16 pin port under the dash which has only the minimum connections to the engine to use for emissions.

I read somewhere sometime it was possible to jumper a few pins in the 20 pin port to connect the important computer lines to the under dash port so you can use a scanner from inside the car to perform maintenance vs under the hood. (It's far easier to measure real-time O2 value etc from behind the steering wheel than under the dash!)

So here's exactly where to wrap a bit of 24ga solid wire to perform the fix:

Incredibly helpful that the three pins that need to be jumped actually have a pin in the cap. I wrapped each about 4 times and snugged the winding very tight. No need to solder.

∞ nicer to access all the modules from in the cab like I do with my car now! What the frig guys why did they do that in the first place?
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