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Originally Posted by Effduration View Post
I wanted to learn how to rebuild a pano sunroof. I am not using my roof, but it does work. I found one in the junkyard and they sold me everything, glass, shades, track & headliner, for $65. I learned how to remove headliner and pano sunroof "cassette" It looked liked replacement parts cost $500+. Anyway, given the cost of the replacement parts, and the cheap plastic construction, I have lost interest in rebuilding it, although I was happy to learn how to take it out. I will probably remove the glass in my x5, remove the sunshades, replace the sagging fabric, replace the pano seal (too much win noise) and call it a day.
wow, super deal. everyone around here parting out vehicles want $500+ in unknown condition.
2005 E53 4.8is

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