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So I'm changing out the front suspension parts on the X

Im changing out the front suspension parts on the 4.8is and some of these bolts etc have proven to be a PITA. It seems every bolt os seized frozen in whatever they are into. For example, I had to drill out the lower bolt last year for the alternator. Now im tackling the front suspension and the lower balljoint is frozen tight in the knuckle. I mean its not moving. Its so bad that one of the flange has broken off from me pounding the crap out of it. The Outer Tie Rod isn't moving either. I had to buy the entire Tie Rod assembly. Now to remove the Lower Ball Joint im going to have to remove the entire knuckle off the truck to try pound it out. wow.

Am I the only one having frozen bolts/parts issue on their X?

Also I've noticed that a lot of the metals under the front has rusted. last year my transmission cooler line clamps rusted and started leaking. Upon doing further inspection more lines thats made of metal are rusting.
2005 4.8is. Blue ext, white int.
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