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Originally Posted by BlkE53FRMCALI View Post
Iím having transmission issues and itís starting to get frustrating.

When I drive the car on a cold start everything is fine. Shifts smoothly and no issues. When it warms up is when I start having a problem. Iíll come to a stop and when I try going the engine revs and makes like a squeal sound then the transmission kicks hard and it feels like it I was just rear ended. When that all happens it goes into trans fail mode. If I turn the car off fail mode goes away and will drive fine for a little bit till I come to my first stop.

I just changed the trans oil and filter thinking it would help as Iíve read that on other forms, but still doing it.

Really need yíalls help and advice. Thanks[emoji1317]

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Probably should let us know what X5 you have. Year, engine, etc. There are different transmissions for different models.
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