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FedEx guy arrived at 1:31 today with these packages...

Top 2 are brakes for my E39 wagon but the bottom box is all X5 goodies

Foglight before and after... pretty simple, just snaps in place. They come in a black plastic, I will paint them eventually but the passenger side was also just unpainted black plastic so at least they match and are both there!

Angel eye bulb was REALLY seized in place. Bulbs were dated 05 so probably burned out quite awhile ago. I fiddled with it for quite awhile using pliers and other tools to carefully try to remove the bulb without breaking the base it screws into. I ended up having to heat it with a small torch lighter, I think that helped break the seal on the o-ring as after that it came out. The driver's side seemed like it'd be a lot harder as access is much worse and that bulb wouldn't even spin to get to where the tabs should release. Wedged my phone under the oil filter housing gasket to give me access (and light) and hit that bulb with the torch as well. After that it spun freely and came right out, no drama. Thank god

As you can tell from the condition of my hands, they needed some persuasion... but hey, now its got some of my blood and sweat on it, so it's really my car

Instrument cluster bulbs were next. These were super easy, but glad they are done! The one around the odometer was originally out, did them all pre-emptively.

Was done with these jobs by 2:05 Good thing too - it's hot outside

Tonight will do the window regulator and maybe the thrust arms depending on how the schedule looks
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