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Confirm Fuel pump failure on crank no start

Hello everybody. I had my 3.0 down for maint for a LONG time. Battery somehow died, despite being on a trickle charger.

When I finally got everything back together (headers, VANOS), I tried to fire it up with a new battery and got crank no start. I have no codes on ODBII.

There is absolutely no fuel in the rail (checked at schraeder). After swapping fuse 47, I jumpered the fuel pump relay with a fuse and a switch per Bentley, and got nothing. No fuel pump sound, no fuel in the rail, no start.

Is there anything from the DME that would keep the fuel pump from energizing, or should jumpering bypass the DME altogether? Could something I could have done or not done when I had the coil packs out and half of the engine sensors disconnected to change the VANOS seals keep the fuel pump from energizing?

It seems like its dead fuel pump at this point, but I wanted to cover all the bases.

2001 E53 3.0 5pd
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