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Checked for voltage at the pump connector, both jumpered and with the relay back in. I don't have any voltage whatsoever, but what I do have is some kind of hum and fast clicking coming from under the intake manifold that happens when the key goes to run and doesn't stop until I turn the key back to on. I can feel the intake manifold vibrate. No idea what that is all about, maybe DISA.

So, there's that. I have to figure out why there is no voltage at the pump connector. Pumps aren't that expensive and it looks easy to do. But no pump works without electricity, and I hate troubleshooting electricity because I am bad at it.


CN90, mileage 187k, but this is the second fuel pump. I think this has less than 60k on it, not many hours considering I used to daily it 40+ miles a day on the highway.

I think the noise is my ICV.
2001 E53 3.0 5pd

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