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Re: X5 E53 Air Conditioning - all systems go but no cold air

I was wondering with regards to the Heater Control Valve... I gleened that the heater core is normally open without power. This means that hot water is normally flowing through the heater core and could create a always heat scenario.

However, after thinking about this more .. If the car has not been run today .. and it is 75 degrees here, there would NOT initially be hot coolant flowing through the core.. and if this were the only issue then I should have initial AC of some sort and then it would get hot with the car..

Voting : Agreed ? / Disagree ? / Makes no sense?

I was also reading on how some HVAC systems actually have what is called a "Blended vent system" which is control flaps that separate the heating (heater core) from the cooling (Evaporator). Seems like X5 E53's have a lot of flap valves but I am not sure if it is only for the airflow itself OR if it is truly a blended - in my example I mean ..

A flap which must move in order to allow ether of the following two conditions:
1. heater core HEATED air to enter the cabin
2. Evaporator CHILLED air to enter the cabin

As I am writting this.. I am remembering 2 facts, (1) my gauges are showing LOW Freon @ 37PSI (2) the gauges read same low 37PSI on both the LOW side and the HIGH side... the High side should be reading around 145PSI @ my outside ambient temperature of 70F.

This would suggest a bad compressor; however, the low pressure fill port shows full @ 37 to 50PSI .. so for some reason perhaps something is blocking the Freon from filling ?


Please feel free to chime in with any additional thoughts or consideration here.
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