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Hi Wayne,
Thanks for the welcome. You never can be sure how a first post will be received. I appreciate your suggestion and I will give it a shot. I was thinking that I might have to tackle the steering angle sensor. I am still thinking that I might have a DSC coding error, but there have also been a number of posts that demonstrate the DSC/steering angle calibration issue can be a number of different things.

Regarding the issues with such a low mileage car; I purchased the car in Hawaii and shipped it to the Pacific North West. This is the third German/Hawaiian car I have purchased and shipped to the PNW. I previously bought and shipped a 1990 BMW 535i (45,000 original miles) and a 1977 Porsche 911S (34,000 original miles) in the last 10 years. There is nowhere to drive the cars on the smaller Hawaiian islands so the mileage remains very low, but the heat plays havoc with the rubber and plastic parts. Rust tends not to be a problem, but corrosion can be. I expected bushings, hose and plastic parts to be a bit of an issue with this X5 but things have not been too bad so far. The VIN check confirmed the mileage before I purchased the X5. When I first got the car to the mainland I went to the BMW dealer to get the steering wheel airbag replaced because of a recall. I figured I might get a freebee from the dealer (rare), but it turned out that my X5 was not affected by the recall. The dealer did check the mileage with the key reader they have and the mileage was confirmed.

My experience with these Hawaiian cars has been the bones are really good, but you have to get on top of the rubber, plastic and wiring issues when you first get the car. The 535 was a trooper. I pushed it hard for ten years and it had the usual problems, but it never failed me. I developed my auto wreckers penchant with this and a few other big 7ís I had previously. I do not think I would have had these cars if I had to pay dealer repair prices.

The Porsche was a special set of circumstances. The owner had to make space and it was right place and time, but I could not justify owning the 911 and not treating it as a daily driver. I kept it for two years and eventually sold it to a guy in Berlin and got a great price, albeit just before the value of these cars skyrocketed (my usual penchant for getting out just before the price goes through the roof. I think I would have too much trouble deciding what to do with the cash).

So far the X5 has not been very expensive and I have been able to do everything myself. I hope I can clear the damn trifecta and move on to finding a half decent trailer to haul with the new hitch.

Please keep any trifecta repair suggestions coming.
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