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Originally Posted by Happy View Post
That might not necessarily be true. I have a 3.0, and when I was stage one, the boost was only 6 lbs. I donít see how the displacement would matter. Anything over 6 needs a intercooler, and let me tell you, even at 6 my 3.0 was harsh. I believe that blower has a liquid cooling option. In my opinion thatís the best.
The displacement does matter. The twin-screw supercharger is positive displacement - i.e. it compresses x liters of air with each revolution. If you feed that same # of liters of air into a 2.5L motor, it will produce more boost than if you took the same amount of compressed air and fed it into a 3.0L motor.

The ESS TS1 charger should make 7lbs of boost non-intercooled. It does have the option of installing laminova liquid cooling cores, and if you do that, you can run 8.5 to 10 lbs of boost safely depending on your other mods. It's all in the tuning.
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