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@Bfeng / Anyone with lots of towing experience- I'm embarking on a 2k mile tow at the end of this month. I'm thinking about things I should be monitoring, and I'm aware that the trans oil shouldnt really get much over 90*. Should I be worried about this? For the most part, my 1k mile each way trip will be pretty flat. NJ-> mid wisconsin, and then back. 2 days there, 2 days back. I'll have 5800-6k lbs of open car trailer behind me.

I'm currently trying to figure out if I should be upgrading my intercooler, and I'm lightly toying with the idea of a trans cooler but I'm really hesitant to plumb anything in because of potential reliability issues / worries about leaks.

As far as everything else, I'm about to do a trans service, including dropping the valve body out and doing the seals, and I'm also going to be replacing the solenoids while I'm in there. I'm pretty sure I'm also going to do a rear driveshaft guibo, and the center support bearing before I do this trip too. Other than that, I'm going to hopefully install my airlift airbags in the rear coils, to level out the ride a bit.

My questions are really
1) What are you guys seeing as temps? Oil, coolant, Trans fluid, EGT's? What temps do I have to start to worry?
2) Should I be jumping on an ATM intercooler? Should I be considering plumbing in an extra trans cooler?
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