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New Takata Airbag Recall ?

So I finally had a chance to dig into this and have found out this for 2001 model: the recall only really applies if your car has a REPLACED driver side airbag.

On the four spoke wheel you loosen the two T30 screws holding the airbag to the wheel center and simply pull the airbag off the wheel and turn it enough to read the brand label.

Checked my wife's today. Not Takata; OE bag no need to go to dealer. Took 5 minutes.

I didn't disconnect the battery because I wasn't planning to unplug the bag. I already had an appointment to have it replaced if it was Takata but now I have 3-4 more hours in that day.

I don't know what years the faulty airbaigs were produced but you only need to be concerned if you are getting the alerts from BMW.

If you got the alert, take your airbag out and look at the label. If it's Takata, THEN go to bmw.
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