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I just drove from NYC to Wisconsin but via DC so we went through VA and MD as well as PA. There were some significant grades 7% at times but only a couple hours over a 12-14 hour trip. That will be the only part of concern.

If you have a scanner plugged in that will give you real-time trans temp that's all you need to determine if you need to downshift or drive slower.

We had a rental car so didn't have the X5 with and at 70-75 we did have to downshift without towing anything so soon lower speeds lower gears will be in your future.

If you just listen to the car for how hard it's working I think you will be just fine. The car has trans cooler I think that's all it needs.

Hit me up with PM I would come out to the interstate to meet for a lunch etc as you'll be driving within 7 minutes of my house.
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