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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post

Hit me up with PM I would come out to the interstate to meet for a lunch etc as you'll be driving within 7 minutes of my house.
I値l shoot you one soon. I知 headed up to usair for a drift event, but after detroit I値l be squad deep, caravanning with about 7 other drifters so I知 not sure I値l be able to stop.

Bfeng- no extended towing mirrors for me. I知 towing an 18 open car hauler, so my mirrors actually work super well still. I値l have 2 spare wheels and tires for the X5, and one trailer spare. I might double that and get another spare for the trailer, but I haven稚 decided. I figure if I get one flat, I値l stop by a trailer place or Walmart and have a new tire put on the one that had the problem.

I don稚 have oem air suspension, I really wish I did. I致e got some airlift in-coil bags that I知 going to install, and see if they hold up to the torments of the X5 towing. She squats a bit, so i壇 love to be able to stiffen up the rear a bit.
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