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Originally Posted by SlickGT1 View Post
Seriously the roads around here have cost me thousands in direct damage. I can only imagine how much suspension damage was also accelerated by these roads.

Did you know you can pursue making the city you live in pay for your damage? By virtue of taxation, tabs, registration and all the nonsense people pay for to use public roads, the city/state is required to maintain safe roadways; this is the business agreement you and the state make every time you pay your registration fees. If you can prove (and it is possible) that their road damaged your car, they will compensate you in one way or another.

The absolute worst I have seen to date was with a friend who hit a pot hole and the force completely blew the strut through the top strut mount. The city paid for the full repair because they were the ones who left the massive pot hole there causing an unsafe roadway.
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