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Another small update...

So last weekend it was the first time that I put the supercharger together aaaaannd it didn't fit. Ok I said, no problem today my wife send it back to the manufacturer to replace the volute to a strait discharge. NEAT! Problem solved there.

I got in contact with a local fabricator shop to ask for a quote for manufacturing a bracket. I got a response as it depends, 3-5K........
To keep the cost down and retail cost down, I decided not to go through that process.

What am I going to do you might ask? Well, I am out of state for a few weeks do to my work. But when I get back, I will fly down to CO to grab my older X5 that I sold to one of my siblings. It's a 01 3.0 manual I have plans for that one, but for now, it will be a daily so that I could work with the Super Charger one. O yeah, I forgot haha. So I am going to go with 3D printing a model of the supercharger, so that way it's light and I can work with, then I will have to 3D print a pulley and a bracket then after all the tinkering and what not machine it.

Oh man, that sounds like a lot. Lol it is through this process I will take pic, post some... and fuel your urge to have one. lol

side note I took the X5 to the 1/4 mile it did something along the numbers of

16.216 @86.95mph
R/T... .259
60''... 2.426
330... 6.879
1/8 ...10.526
eeerr... not bad

that was my first time ever on a strip so before I tear up the front of my X5 I should try again

OkOK. I know I said; small update. lol
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