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Battling a rear coil spring on my X5 at the moment. I have a bad upper control arm and discovered that either the spring is installed wrong or I have a bad lower spring perch.

I have not yet removed spring, but here is what i have read re: Removal

1, You can use a scissors jack to push down on carrier to give some wiggle room
2. Some old, smaller spring compressors do fit - but people use a lift to compress spring and then fit compressors to hold it.
3. Look into loosening subframe (don't remove) to give a little extra room
4. One fellow compressed spring with jack and weight of car then fitted two chains with shackles to hold spring in compressed state for removal (scary)

I was able to get enough room to remove bottom rubber spring perch using methods 1&2 above...I have ordered a replacement and will try early next week. I may not have to remove spring.
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