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When I did the job on my 2001 3.0i with springs, I used some old strut compressors I had.

Yes old, from back when cars weighed less than 3,000 pounds, and the strut compressors were smaller. Even with that it was a tight fit, but they fit. Since that, I've paid attention to strut compressors and their size, hoping to pick up a new set that is similarly thin. No luck so far, but I have not been searching much, not having an immediate need.

So anyway, the message is that it is possible for some strut compressors to fit in there. You might get lucky and find one, or maybe you can modify an existing one to thin it down enough to fit.

And ^^^ no effin way would I do that zip tie thing. Chain maybe? There's a big difference between compressing the spring vs. more simply holding it in a compressed state after using a jack to compress it - in case that helps you MacGuyver something that works.

Also, for me when I did that job, spring removal was about one of the first things I did, and then of course replacement was one of the last.
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