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Pairing did not work with pushing buttons and messing with ignition for me too. So I decided to look what PA Scanner shows in bt module. Good news You can change in car bt module name of the car, delete old connections, set new password and start pairing with this, really easy to do if You have PA scanner available. Once you have paired then in disconnects after few seconds. Then just turn off car and lock it down. Next time you enter car and start it, then phone connects automatically everytime.

But in my opinion with these days bt protocols in this old module does not work well when calling. I can hear everything well, but guys on other side say that voice is disconnecting during the call and sometimes volume is too low. Even if everything is turned to the max for me and the person who calls me. So maybe its not worth to waste time for this "upgrade". I use iphone 6s and iphone x.

I bought this for my 2004 x5. Works like a charm, steering wheel buttons work, connects automatically to phone, has hands free mic included and starts playing music where it was stopped+ waze etc apps show where I parked my car.
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