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Replacing the downstream O2 will likely fix the problems with p1092 AND p1093. I am having this problem (P1092) for about two + years without any good resolution - until the last two months/2,000+miles. Thought that I already replaced all 4 O2 last year (read my story), P1092 never actually went away for long... My independent mechanic told me to replace the downstream O2 AGAIN BUT USE ONLY DENSO brand (I was using BOSCH). He said that he no longer trust BOSCH' O2s. After replacing and fixing all items mentioned and suggested in this thread, i was pretty much hit a wall. One day, I was looking on Amazon for something else but saw a downstream DENSO O2 for our car at an unbelievable low price so I said to myself, what the heck, why don't I just try DENSO...
It's been going good with me, I am still watching and monitoring but this is the longest time for me to stay clear of this painful SES light.
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