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Originally Posted by mihai View Post
I have recently replaced the rear upper control arms and rear ball joints hoping that this will fix the negative camber, but it looks like i still have it. I haven't taken the car for alignment yet, but i am pretty sure that it won't make much/any difference.

Anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions?
Nice work getting that done.

To help remove some mystery before getting a professional alignment, I'll suggest that you can do your own rear camber adjustment pretty easily, at least to see if you still have a suspension problem (making alignment to spec impossible) before taking it in. Easy, especially since you just did all the other stuff.

There's that one eccentric bolt to adjust. If you're concerned that there won't be enough camber adjustment possible to get it within spec, just adjust that eccentric bolt to its extreme limit, towards positive camber.

Then you can measure camber yourself. Car on flat level ground, a carpenter's square and some 8th grade trigonometry will let you know the answer.

Significant camber adjustment may also put the rear toe significantly out. If you have string or a laser, you can adjust that too, pretty easily - although toe is a much finer adjustment than camber.

There are some other bushings down there that may be "the problem," but I'd try this first.

Separately - on the spring end rubber things - I found mine (2001 3.0i at about 170k miles when I did it) to be fine, but that they were the source of an intermittent and really annoying squeaking noise I had. I removed the springs (OP, from your other thread I see you did not) and carefully cleaned, regreased, and reinstalled these. No problems and 100% eliminated any noise.

I have doubts that a problem with these spring cap things could cause an alignment problem.
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