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Originally Posted by X5only View Post
the initial light in the first 10 seconds or so is pure white, then the color slowly changes to yellowish white. The light color on the road is yellowish.

That's a bit weird.

Mine does the exact opposite when i turn them on. -Starts a bit yellowish and at around 60-70% of max light output, but within 3-5 seconds they change color to pure white and shines at full blast.

For what it's worth, that crisp bluish 'modern' color you get with 5000-6000 K bulps deceive your eyes into thinking the light is brighter. It is not.
The blue color is actually a lack of red and green emitted light from the bulb, which means you get less light output than from a 'natural white' 4100 K bulb.

But i agree. The blue ones do look snazzy.
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