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Originally Posted by Freestyler View Post
That's a bit weird.

Mine does the exact opposite when i turn them on. -Starts a bit yellowish and at around 60-70% of max light output, but within 3-5 seconds they change color to pure white and shines at full blast.

For what it's worth, that crisp bluish 'modern' color you get with 5000-6000 K bulps deceive your eyes into thinking the light is brighter. It is not.
The blue color is actually a lack of red and green emitted light from the bulb, which means you get less light output than from a 'natural white' 4100 K bulb.

But i agree. The blue ones do look snazzy.
What? Amazing. Mine certainly dim out after starting out pure white and bright! Do I have fakes or what?? Are your ignitors/ballast original i.e. never been changed? Mine are original (2005).
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