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Originally Posted by luauboy View Post
I'm in the process of rebuilding my 4.6is engine. It'll be a complete engine out rebuild - dropping the complete subframe, tranny, transaxle and front suspension. Just started getting the parts list put together. I'll post the spreadsheet over the next week or so.

I'm hanging onto the car AND the original motor / tran - becuz - well - it's an Alpina X5 4.6is triple black - and i can't think of a more fun vehicle to drive during the winter!! Besides - in another 8 yrs - it'll be VINTAGE - and it gives me PLENTY of time to get it ready for the The Vintage 2027 !!
The X5 4.6is at The Vintage? I have never even thought about that but clearly you have. You should plan to do that and then watch the E36 guys still being pissed because those will not still be allowed in.
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