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Originally Posted by PropellerHead View Post
Dropped the white one off today for the cooling system, hoses, belts and pulleys refresh. I had not planned on the radiator bc I want my 3rd Zionsville to be in this E53. I'd do it if I thought they could deliver in less than 3 weeks. The last order from Zionsville for my 4.8is was 4 weeks to make it. Ridiculous. I went ahead and got a new radiator along with this stuff.

I'll wait to replace this one pre-emptively till it's time to do the seals in another 50-60k. We should be right at 100k by then. The way the blue one is running, we'll have a long runway till the 4.4 is in full time service. She's at 39,900 now.
I always love when people choose to do it right once, as opposed to the piecemeal approach and complain that another cooling syst weak link failed soon afterwards. Good job!

The Zionsville Rads are a work of art but the costs! In 150K the costs are equal for sure. The lack of exploding expansion tanks is a pleasing thought.

for those who would like to know more: Zionsville Autosport – All Aluminum BMW Radiators, New and used BMW parts, CD-ROM Software Manuals, BMW Performance Upgrades

I am wrapping up a suspension refresh on my 528 that included so many parts that the shipping box from FCP Euro looked like a coffin.

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The Blue ones are always FASTER....

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