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Originally Posted by robnitro View Post
If the battery is not agm, even if it works well the ibs will complain even if coded as flooded. I gave up and got an agm. The flooded battery runs a bit lower resting voltage but whoever programmed the ibs parameters has no clue on what's normal.

To test alternator, use a voltmeter or check voltage in ista. It should be more than 13.8v at idle depending on temperature. Then turn on defrosters, fan max, headlights and see if it stays at that voltage or goes down. If it goes down, alt is weak.

I should have known to test it with all the accessories on. I will run that test in the AM.

I brought my battery into my local battery store, private owned good guys, and it was testing a bit on the marginal side. It was from 2013 so I thought maybe it was time. Itís not OEM and Iím not sure how I should be registering it? Any help is appreciated, this is the battery they gave me:

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