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Beisan kits are in the Vanos

The kit is in but compressing the seals with the kit is heavy duty. I have a serious 3/4" breaker bar 24" long which I used for the Jesus Bolt on the front, happens to be same size as well @27mm. Nevertheless, it was a major effort to turn the press, absolutely need a major vice and work bench.. Should have just used my shop press but then it is hard to judge how much to press. This makes the difficulty of the job a 7 out of 10 in my book.

The other issue which the Beisan instructions don't mention is that it is easy to drop the teflon rings behind the O-rings rather than on top. I thought I had them in, only to figure out they were nowhere near where they belong and had to fish them out again..... Second attempt while working in bright sunlight succeeded.

I realized that I had not gotten new check valves and those are on order along with a large pile of other stuff. I got some items from FCP Euro, my first time buying from them.... Finally I also shipped my ABS module to Florida to be fixed, I am hoping it will come back at the end of next week.

If the replacement bolts (9+4) for the flywheel and the two motor mounts show up tomorrow I will rejoin the transmission to the motor and hope to set it back on to the sub-frame over the weekend.

It may look hard-core but it is way simpler than the refurb of the trans many moons ago now.... :-)
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