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PA soft 1.4 issue

Hello everyone,
Im a new member, just purchased 2010 30i for the off season as the m3 is being put away.
Ive been a member of E46fanatics for about 10 years and Ive been driving e46s during this time, working on them myself and having the hate/love relationship as everyone else does.

Ive used my PA soft 1.4 scanner for all my e46s without any issue but running it on the 2010 e83, I don't have a reading for the dme for some reason. It shows me all other options but not the DME. I ran my generic OBDII reader and I do have an engine light on p0015 code, which I undrstand its possibly the solenoid, Ill be addressing it very soon.
just wondering what the issue might be with the scanner OR maybe I need to upload a NEW copy of the software.

let me know if anyone else had this issue... I did recently get the INPA cable off ebay but I havent had success installing the software off the CD. Its been so long since Ive done windows os installs I feel like a new born.

is there a link I can download .exe file for INPA that should work for me?

is there a link for a newer version of PA soft I should be using?

thanks a bunch
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