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Whose running wheel spacers?

Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
They are aftermarket semi-custom (you can choose offset within a certain range) so no, they aren't spec'd for E53. Center bore and bolt pattern are correct obviously. They fit without spacers but sit inside the wheel wells by about 15mm. I measured before ordering the wheels and went with the lowest they offered (+24mm) in a 20x11.5 and went with the spacers to achieve the 9mm required to flush out the 20x11.5 wheel/tire.

Ok I see.

Mine are flush at the fender, but will rub very lightly inside if camber is out of spec. Itís scary how tight they fit in there.

I donít believe there is a need for spacers as long as everything is dialed in. Definitely do not want a tire to come apart in there, Iím sure major damage could occur.
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