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Abs module is repsonsible for collecting the input from all the wheels. When you have no wheel speed it's either the abs module or the sensors or the wiring between them.

There original module never reliably reported from wheel speeds the wheel sensors were replaced and one of the front sensors read zero the other reported implausible speed. Usually that means the module internal bond wires are damaged. Very well known design defect on the Bosch abs module there is a whole industry based on it's repair.

When replacing wheel sensors doesn't help, then usually it's the module but I would check any wiring as well.

Erick: I would try to find the pinout on the cable connector to the module and test with Ω meter to each front wheel sensor to make sure it's not the wiring! There is a fair chance the module was repaired and you have the errors you do because the wiring from the wheel sensors is damaged. Recall it's not the original motor: a wiring harness could have been smashed by the motor during install.
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