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Thanks for the replies guys.

I believe you are correct Brad, and the module even though it's the same part number will need to be coded.

Jopesca, after replacing the wheel speed sensors and having the same codes, I kind of assumed it must be the module or wiring. When I swapped the modules I did a visual inspection of what I could see as far as wiring, but that is still a possibility.

In order to code and also get more information I ordered the DCAN cable and I am going to download the BMW software and hopefully get it running on my Windows 10 laptop. Will be here in 2 days.

Ordered a module that has exact same part number, and says it was tested and functions also. Should be here next week. Returns are free, so worst case scenario is I put in a known working module, code it, if I have the same problems - I know it's not the module. Kind of backwards way to do things but won't cost me anything if I return.

Andrew that sounds like a plan. I'm not an expert about wiring as you know, but I will shoot you a text so you can let me know how to properly test the cable connector. Actually a very good good idea, I should have tried that a while ago. Maybe when new module comes in, I can test that at the same time since I'll have things apart.

Appreciate the help, will keep you guys posted.
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