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It looks like you have access to INPA from some local posters. Based on my experience; I replaced the DSC with the exact same model from the wreckers. I coded the replacement DSC with NCS Expert. I could not calibrate the steering angle sensor in INPA (even though it appeared that I had). After a lot of hassle I found the following to work (it took 10 seconds to get my trifecta lights to shut off).

Steering angle recalibration for BMW E53;

Connect computer to car.
Turn ignition to position 2 (do not start car).
Load INPA and check to ensure connection.
Exit INPA.
Load NCS Expert.
Load Profile = Default profile.
Press F1 - VIN/ZCS/FA.
Press F3*- Choose CHASSIS = Press E53.
Choose KMBI (CHASSIS field should fill (FG/GM/SA/VN)).
Load Tool32.
Open group file for E39 = (DSC57.PRG).
Scroll down jobs list and double click “test_lenkwinke”.
Steering angle sensor should now be recalibrated and trifecta lights should extinguish.
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