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Originally Posted by oldskewel View Post
I would think about the risk factors in fixing a car with so many problems.

Is there a chance you'll spend __ months and $x,000 and then hit a wall in time/$$/will to keep working on it? Is this your one project, or just your current favorite of many?

Is there a chance you'll keep going through that wall and finish it, ending up with a car that cost you more to repair than it is then worth? Regardless of whether you got it for free, spent $1k or $10k on it, the question is where do you go from here.

If there are any doubts regarding those issues, then taking steps aimed at reducing risk first, or at least considering risk will be wise. For example, not much risk on the rear suspension - even if you replace everything, it will be less than $1k. Another example - a compression check reduces a lot of risk considering the limited effort involved.

Good luck.
Those are some very good points. I would like to keep this around and eventually lift it and keep it as an overlander.
I dont think I'll hit a wall unless I have have to do a major part (like a trans) but even then parts arent that expensive. It will just be parked until I can afford the part.
This is going to be my main project till its to a point I can just let it drive. I have really fallen in love with this truck.

I would like to reduce any potential monkey wrench as best I can. I kind of know what needs attention just wasnt sure were to focus first and if there were any things I was missing. Like the cooling system.

I found a couple kits for the whole rear running 4-600, which is nothing compared to the 1.5k I put into the front suspension of a 98 Nissan sentra. That was just oe parts too. (Cash for clunkers destroyed millions of dollars worth of remain parts, making a single driven hub minus bearing and knuckle, $180 no core)

I appreciate the thoughts you've put forth. Its nice to have a "are you really sure you wanna go through with this?" viewpoint.
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