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DINAN exhaust part number...

YES, I SEARCHED AND SEARCHED AND SEARCHED the forum for the DINAN exhaust part number. After two years of searching, I am hours away from owning a WELL-used, presumably unmarked set of e53 DINAN mufflers. Anyway, because I laughed off the pricing of black DINAN tips on ebay like 95 days I am having an impossible time finding such tips. I cannot even figure out who had a boatload of them for sale on eBay because the auctions died >90 days ago. So, I guess if you REALLY want to make a fast friend, you could stop hoarding your full set of black ceramic DINAN exhaust tips and sell them directly to me Otherwise, I figured someone might have some old documentation or tech data that specified the e53 exhaust part number from DINAN to help me inch closer to sourcing the tips which it appears DINAN stopped offering separately 10+ years ago. Soooooo, who's my new best friend?!?!?


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