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Yeah, Mrs. Boost is probably going to have a fit but I pulled the trigger on the QuickJack 7000SLX. Costco didn't offer the 7000SLX model on their Black Friday sale, just the 5000SLX (our X5's are just over 5000 lbs) so it was Home Depot at $1229 with free delivery. It should work fine on the E46 and X5 and also ordered the SUV and light truck adapter kit that will give me an additional 6" of lift on the X5. Home Depot wanted $225 for the SUV extension kit but QuickJack sold it for $210 but got nailed the difference in shipping.

Anyway, added to the $580 Black Friday trip to Harbor Freight for the 20 ton press and air compressor this morning and the $160 trip to Lowes, I had better make myself a nice area on the couch for the next couple of days.
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